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Have you seen it, our new website? It was made by Carla Imperial, with help from Hilary Allen, with pictures from various people – good pictures – and we need more great pictures, of course.

What we hope from our website is that it be a center of communications for our congregation, and also a thing of beauty, reflecting the beauty of our people, that acts as an invitation to folks who long to find our particular congregation.

Our particular congregation is peculiar, like every congregation is peculiar – unique to itself – while still hewing to a story central to all of Christendom. As a peculiar congregation, we’re not for everyone, the way we do things, the way our individual and institutional histories have formed us. But we are for ourselves – and God is for us, may I say that?

I want to say that because I believe our hewing to the central story through the experience of the saints, the study of our sacred scripture, and our practices of Spirit earn us, by desire and acts, a place in God’s kingdom.

One of the practices that earn us this place is the reliance for the wellness of our congregation, on the peculiar and particular gifts of many, the honoring of those gifts, and the asking for the acting out of those gifts on behalf of the people. This Carla has done by taking hours and hours, and turning intuition and keystrokes into art available to us through the medium of the internet. Hilary, too, with her gifts, made convening people, a divine artistic sense, the laying out of ideas for the apprehension of different thinkers into a forum from which a website is made.

We need cash to make a church go, to pay our bills, but we need people such as Carla and Hilary, and Graham, who will be 92 this Friday (he and Vicky Weldon share a birthday) who walks our grounds every Saturday and makes the coffee read for Sunday coffee hour. We need Kolya Lynne who points her camera at everything, but especially during our special events. We need Barbara who makes some fabulous baked good for nearly every Sunday. We need Jill who sets up a station nearly every Sunday and is joined by Barbara, Ben, Megan to pray for individuals. We need Mr. Mark Burgess and other who join him to fold our bulletins.

We need people who share their gifts, but more importantly, we need to provide a place where people who need to share their gifts can. To be of use, to participate, to show up is 9/10’s of spiritual practice.

Have you seen our new website? It is beautiful. Thank you Carla and Hilary.


Author: Laura Ruth Jarrett

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  1. Lisa Price. Posted on October 29, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    I just got to listen to my first online sermon – very cool. The opposite of scarcity is enough; that is a very powerful thought!

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