Guest Blogger: Angela Letizia on Spiritual Gifts

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Last May I came back to Hope Central Church after six months of being away. And I was quite surprised by what I saw: at almost every service there were many people that I didn’t recognize. I’m not talking about visitors. I’m talking about the fact that in a period of six months Hope Central Church had dozens of new folks become deeply involved in our worship, mission, and community. Hallelujah!

This stirred in me an interest in getting to know folks better and learn about what had sparked them to become involved with Hope Central. And so I quickly said yes when I was asked to serve on the nominating team.

This coming year we are reimagining how our nominating team can serve the church in new ways. We are committed to walking with this congregation in order to hear your longings and match your gifts and desires to serve with the needs of the church. We have expanded the term from three months to a full year so that we might spend that time getting to know one another and dreaming about new ways that folks can connect into the various opportunities for service, leadership, and ministry at Hope Central. In the coming year when one of us calls out of the blue to invite you for coffee and conversation, won’t you take us up on it? We just want to get to know you better.

Recognizing that we still don’t know all of the gifts and talents that reside within you, each year we have a season during which everyone is invited to nominate themselves to serve in one of the open positions on our nominating team or a leadership circle. Won’t you prayerfully consider if you are being called into this form of leadership and service? If you want to learn more or if you simply want prayer to support you while you think about it, won’t you let one of us know?

I am deeply grateful for this wonderful community and for the invitation to serve on the nominating team. I look forward to getting to know more and more of you in the year ahead.

Angela Letizia (on behalf of Pam Wylie, Nancy Azar, Patti Ryan, J Conlon)


Author: Laura Ruth Jarrett

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