Covenant Partners

At Hope Central Church, the members of our congregation are called “Covenant Partners.” When you join our church, you’re entering into a covenant with the church community. A covenant is an exchange of promises: Hope Central Church commits to support you in your journey of faith, you promise to grow in discipleship and live into the mission of Hope Central Church, and together we engage in practices of Christian spirituality, striving to become the people God created us to be.


If you’ve been attending our church and feel ready to become a Covenant Partner, it’s easy to take that step. From time to time we offer an information session for people who are thinking about becoming Covenant Partners, followed by a special day of joining. However, you can join Hope Central Church on any Sunday that you want: just speak to the pastor beforehand, then come forward during the closing hymn.

For more information about becoming a Covenant Partner, contact the church office.