All readings are provided on Sunday morning and can be found in the Welcome basket and in the Hope Central Church BaseCamp. Contact the office for more information.

Reading the Welcome

  • A copy of the Welcome is placed on the lectern before the service. The text is also here below.
  • Please come to sit on the front pew and identify yourself to the worship leader before the service.
  • Please use the microphone.
  • Feel free to encourage responsiveness by repeating “Good morning/evening!” before reading.

Hope Central Welcome Statement:
Good Morning/Evening!
(Pause for response)
Welcome to Hope Central Church!
Welcome to all who have no church home, need strength, want to follow Christ, have doubts, or do not believe.
Welcome to new visitors and to old friends.
Welcome to grandparents, to mothers, fathers, and children. Welcome to single and partnered people.
Welcome to people of all colors, cultures, abilities, sexual orientations and gender ex- pressions, to old and young, to believers and questioners and welcome to question- ing believers.
Welcome to everyone!
Today we are all invited to live into God’s love, peace, and justice.


Reading the Psalm

  • The congregation will have a sung refrain before and after the reading of the Psalm and hum during the reading. A copy of the Psalm is placed on the lectern before the service. If you require the text beforehand, please contact the church office.
  • Please move to sit in the front row near the lectern after the choir and during the Prayers of the People, so that you might be able to begin the Psalm directly afterwards.
  • Please use the microphone and begin by saying, “Please join me in singing” and inviting the congregation to hum while you read.
  • Read the Psalm slowly and clearly (and with feeling!).
  • Please remain at the lectern in order to read the scripture.


Reading the Scripture

  • A copy of the reading is placed on the lectern before the service. If you require the text beforehand, please contact the church office.
  • Please use the microphone.
  • If you are reading from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, please say to the people, “Please stand as the Spirit moves you for a reading of the Gospel.” If the reading is not from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, please say, “A reading from [name of book].”
  • After reading, please say, “The Word of Truth.” The congregation will respond, “Thanks be to God.


Inviting the Offering

  • The offering baskets are located on the piano.
  • Move to the microphone during the last line of the hymn after the sermon and give a brief invitation for people to give, as they are able.
  • Please begin your invitation with the words, “Here is a bit of my story…” and tell something about yourself and your spiritual journey. Please take no more than 3-5 minutes. You can testify to one specific way Hope Central has helped you in your life and invite people to give so this may be possible for others.
  • Please ask the people to give, as they are able, as a celebration of all they have received.
  • Hand the baskets to the people in the front of the church and move up the isle to the back. Someone will bring the children to the back of the church.
  • The musicians will begin playing “Amen” during which you and the children bring the baskets to the front.
  • Please encourage the children to hold the baskets for the walk up and the prayer.
  • Then you have a choice:
  • Option 1: You can offer a Prayer of Dedication at the microphone. You might offer thanks for the abundance of God’s gift to us and ask the Holy Spirit to help us use them wisely to bless others.
  • OR, option 2: you may hand the baskets to the worship leader and stand with them for the Prayer of Dedication.


Communion Co-Celebrant

  • Please move to stand beside Rev. Laura Ruth as she begins Communion. After she has broken the bread, you lift the chalice and pitcher and might say: “After supper, Jesus took the cup saying, ‘This is the cup of blessing, a new covenant, poured out for you and for all. As often as you do this, do it in remembrance of me.'”
  • If you do not feel comfortable speaking this portion, please let Rev. Laura Ruth know before the service.
  • After Laura Ruth begins praying, she will say, “Let us give thanks…” You then offer a Prayer of Thanksgiving.
  • In your Prayer of Thanksgiving, you may wish to focus on one of the following:
  • Thank God that God sustains and cares for creation, walking beside us daily.
  • Call upon the Holy Spirit to deepen our sense of community through the common table and shared meal and to follow more fully in Christ’s way.
  • Remember God’s acts of salvation in Jesus Christ: his birth, death, resurrection, promise of return, and for sharing this meal with all, etc.
  • To lead into the Lord’s Prayer, you might say, “And so we pray as Jesus taught us, saying, ‘Our Creator…'” (people will fall in as soon as they hear “Our Creator…”).


Serving the Bread

  • Thanks for participating in worship!
  • When the worship leader hands you bread, please move from behind the altar to the front.
  • During flu season, please use hand sanitizer as you approach to serve.
  • We will be serving in pairs. Please stand inside the bowl and chalice servers (beside the other bread server).
  • Please break pieces of bread off and hand the pieces of bread to the parishioners.
  • As people take of the bread, please say, “The bread of Life.”


Serving the Chalice or Bowl of Juice

  • Thanks for participating in worship!
  • When the Celebrant says, “Come, for all things are ready,” come to the front of the communion table and receive the bowl or chalice and a cloth.
  • During flu season, please use handsanizer as you approach to serve.
  • We will be serving in pairs. Please stand outside the bread servers.
  • As the people dip their bread into the bowl or chalice, please say, “The cup of Hope.”
  • If you are serving the chalice, some people may want to drink from the chalice. You may let them do this. Wipe the chalice where they drank with a cloth.