At Hope Central Church, we embrace and celebrate our children!


We are committed to providing a warm, engaging environment for our children, where they can feel safe and grow in God’s love.  We welcome all families!


At Hope Central Church, we believe our children are a vital part of our congregation. We encourage our children to participate in the full life our church, including offering their presence and even their leadership in worship. Therefore, for the 2017-2018 program year, we are trying something new. Sunday school is for ages 2 and up, and it runs before church from 10 to 10:30am. Our children spend each semester on a theme. Our Fall theme has been Sabbath, and our Spring semester theme will be Service. As part of the curriculum, our children of all ages work together on a common project, which they design and implement with the help of their teachers and adult volunteers. We have seven dedicated Sunday school teachers who lead our children on a rotating basis—each week, we have three teachers and one adult volunteer from our congregation.

After Sunday school, all of our children then come into the sanctuary for the beginning of worship. Occasionally our children offer leadership by ringing our singing bowl to end a time of silent prayer, reading the Welcome Statement, or performing some other service such as greeting visitors or sharpening pencils for the pews. During the passing of the peace, our children go downstairs or outside to play–this playtime is supervised by trusted adults, including at least one of our Sunday school teachers and at three adult volunteers from our congregation. The children participate in free play during playtime, which spans the Prayers of the People, the sermon, and the liturgist’s offering testimony. During the offertory, our children come back into the sanctuary. They bring forward our offering baskets during the “Amen Parade” and are with their parents or other trusted adults for the last part of worship, which includes Communion. All children are welcome at Christ’s table.


To VOLUNTEER to help out during a particular Sunday in our vibrant Children’s Church, please sign up here.

New to Children’s Church? Contact Courtney Jones, Pastor of Children’s Spiritual Formation for more information and to register your child.