Apocalypse Now… and Then


December 3, 2017
Rev. Benjamin Perkins
Readings: Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19 and Mark 13:24-37

The word apocalypse conjures up many images, a great deal of them full of horror and suffering, suggesting the end of the world as we know it and the destruction of the planet itself.  In some Christian circles, the imagery heralds the end of world systems and the beginning of Christ’s reign on earth.  Beneath these possible visions lies something deeper, though-a yearning for a world free of suffering and full of joy, a place where righteousness reigns supreme.  Regardless of one’s viewpoint, this desire is a very human one.
In this week’s gospel reading from Mark 13: 24-37 , Jesus provides us with an end-times account, an apocalypse, if you will.  What are we to make of it?  Is the fullness of God something that exists now, or are we waiting for it to arrive?  Perhaps,  both realities are true, and if so, how do we live in the already and not yet?   The answer might surprise you, so please come join us for the first sermon in the Advent Season.
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