Halloween and “Bloody” Sunday


October 29, 2017
Rev. Courtney Jones
Readings: Romans 5 and John 6:53-58

This Sunday, we are marking Halloween a few days early!  Last year, Nina preached on zombies–this year, we’re going more with…vampires?
Before the days of Pride, Halloween was the high holiday of the LGBTQ community. Nicholas Rogers, author of “Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night,” points out that while Halloween is enjoyed by everyone, “it has been the Gay community that has most flamboyantly exploited Halloween’s potential as a transgressive festival, as one that operates outside or on the margins of orthodox time, space, and hierarchy.”
This Sunday, at Hope Central, we are keeping this tradition alive by queering some of the gory history of Christianity.  In particular, we will explore some of the more troubling Scripture passages about the blood of Jesus. In these strange how we might encounter theologies of atonement (if/how we are “saved” from sin) and language about the “blood of Christ.”  This language has been used by some churches to separate us from one another; it has oppressed some of us; it has turned us away from the liberating Love of God. We want to be gentle, and maybe even a little playful, as we think together about what changes for us if we do or do not talk about the blood of Jesus.  What might deepen for us if we reclaim the power of the Word made flesh?  What power might it offer us as we live into God’s love, peace, and justice?
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