Homecoming 2018 – Robust Love, Robust Justice, Robust Church


September 16, 2018

Rev. Laura Ruth Jarrett

Homecoming – Robust Love, Robust Justice, Robust Church

Reading: Isaiah 61:1-3

We’ve said, so many of us, that we long for deep spiritual lives–beloved, this is what a congregation can offer–singing, learning, gratitude, the acknowledgment and worship of something, someplace divine, and the art of living in healthy community.
The theme of our program year is Robust Love, Robust Justice, Robust Church. I’m preaching to try to open our hearts, thoughts, activities to imagine living a robust life–not lives thin with worry, but lives guided by purpose that will ask us, will reassure us that this life is full, beautiful, worth living.
Let us be community, dear ones.
-Rev. Laura Ruth Jarrett
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