July 8, 2018

Terry Steeden


Readings: Matthew 10:34, Luke 14:32, 1 Corinthians 14:33, Acts 10:36, Luke 9:36, Acts 12:17, Romans 16:25

We continue with a summer of relaxed time to gather our strength back around us. This week we will explore PEACE. This is an important concept in the New Testament, and there are two words for peace used in the New Testament. The first word (Arana… pronounced Ai Ray Nay) is found in every book of the New Testament except 1 John. This word deals with harmonious relationships outside of yourself. Between people, between nations, between churches, with God, with Jesus…
The second word (Sigao… pronounced See gaw Oh) deals with what is inside you. What you find internally, in silence, in being still, in holding your peace.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about these two descriptions of peace is that you cannot have one without the other. One cannot exist if the other does not exist. Worth thinking about. Let’s gather ourselves for some peace.
-Terry Steeden
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